Sunday 20 December 2015

British Heritage - Gloverall

I recently did an interview for a fashion based website and one of the questions i was asked was about what did i wish people knew more about my fashion taste and my answer was that i really love British Heritage brands. It got me thinking that i needed to do a post to show you some great quality brand traditional British heritage brands and how i'd style them and what better way to start than with a true British classic... Gloverall.

Gloverall have been around since the 1950's and even if by some chance you don't know this brands name, you will of seen it's classic handy work without even realising it. 
The company Gloverall began when they originally were offered a large amount of surplus army duffle coat stock and the stock sold out quickly, it prompted the owners to create the first British duffle coat and there after a true quality outerwear brand, combining yet another love of mine..coats!

You can find the details to the products under each outfit.

Mid length duffle coat - Black
Striped crew neck jumper - Black and oatmeal

Solid crew neck jumper - Moss

Guernsey crew neck jumper - Aran
Aran Scarf
Herringbone bomber jacket - Tweed tan

Would love to hear about your favourite British heritage brands!

CLICK HERE to find all the products i mention above

Photos by Abbi

Friday 27 November 2015


Looking for a different Christmas present this year that can last past the 25th December? Well ...look no further! Birchbox have got you covered for those hard to buy for male and females with their 3, 6 and 12 month subscription packages which gives them access to a huge amount of brands and products through every month!

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Even better still... use the code BIGDEAL to get 25% off any of the subscription packages or any of the full size products!

You can thank me later ;)

Saturday 14 November 2015

Ilex London - the perfect mens laptop / work bag

I feel like bag shopping for men can be quiet a challenge, with more limited choice to whats considered 'manly'. 
I love a large leather weekend bag and then for day to day during the summer i wear a lot of back packs but for my week day runs to London for meetings i needed something capable of holding my laptop, work notes and charger without looking too casual.

Then I came across Ilex London and the Ethan bag which is the perfect combination of a practical and smart tote bag which is equipped for fitting in everything i need and great easy access with the signal top zip and then two outer pockets
I love the simplicity of the style with the two different textures of leather and the option i have to carry this bag via its handles or add the shoulder strap for when i need the extra support.

So no more... head over and check out the selection of mens bags over on Ilex London.

Saturday 24 October 2015

All about the layers....

Everyone thinks I can't handle the colder weather because i'm from Portugal but i just love Fall.
Head over the the Franklin and Marshall blog to read about my area favourite Autumn styling...

Photo courtesy of Photogun photography 

Sunday 30 August 2015


You may of seen on my Instagram account that while Jenna and I were recently travelling through Portugal visiting friends, family and enjoying the sites we also pit stopped in some areas and used Air BNB as a home from home while travelling
We had looked around at various hotels but travelling with my daughter Bionda we wanted a bit more flexibility on where we stayed and to have a bit more space. 
The thing we liked most about using Air BNB was that you can choose how much you want to spend on your stay. It can suit all types from a single traveller looking to meet people on a pit stop and therefore using a private room in a shared house to a large family wanting a room for everyone! The filter function on the website means you can dictate area, price, room type and what elements are must have (e.g dishwasher and wifi etc).

We used Air BNB to stay in Porto and in Lisbon and the choice was great. We decided to get somewhere that was easy for us to walk into town and somewhere we could park the car. Since we were only there for a short time we wanted to ensure we would have to do a lot of travelling when we arrived to get to the places we needed to go. It also meant we could cook our own breakfast and eat at home if we needed to.

Take a look at the two locations we choose for our stay.



Overall we were really happy with our Air BNB finds and having a home from home made travelling life much easier for us. We will definitely be using them again on our next adventures, in fact the Air BNB locations might influence where we next travel!

Monday 24 August 2015

We wear Lee

I recently linked up with Lee for their premium 101 collection. The collection focuses on quality made classic cuts; something I always strive for when searching for wardrobe staples.

Head over to the lee website to check out my full article and see what I choose to style from the 101 collection, but also be sure to keep an eye out for other influencers appearing on their blog! 

Monday 11 May 2015

Gary Marshall Photography

Jenna and myself took part yesterday in a workshop called Dare created by Gary Marshall.
It was a mutual friend Tommy Cairns (who i've shot with before) thats suggested we might be interested in taking part and as it was something different and we both really liked his photography we thought we'd give it a go.

We had great fun meeting both Gary and everyone taking part in the workshop and we're really looking forward to seeing the final pictures. Heres a few we have already had back...

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Talking music...

Music is such a key part of my life! I feel lost if I leave the house without my headphones and not enough battery on my I-Phone, I need to have music wherever I go. Visit the Franklin & Marshall blog to read my complete story and listen to my favourite music play list, just click here!  

Monday 23 March 2015

Diesel SS15 - American West

Jumper - Diesel S-Khloe

A softened and sun-bleached spirit defines the first chapter of SS15, modern western look, tobacco leather & suede perfecto jackets with nods to 50's utility shapes and a stripped-back palette of pale blues, tobacco, white and washed black.

View the full collection HERE