Sunday 20 December 2015

British Heritage - Gloverall

I recently did an interview for a fashion based website and one of the questions i was asked was about what did i wish people knew more about my fashion taste and my answer was that i really love British Heritage brands. It got me thinking that i needed to do a post to show you some great quality brand traditional British heritage brands and how i'd style them and what better way to start than with a true British classic... Gloverall.

Gloverall have been around since the 1950's and even if by some chance you don't know this brands name, you will of seen it's classic handy work without even realising it. 
The company Gloverall began when they originally were offered a large amount of surplus army duffle coat stock and the stock sold out quickly, it prompted the owners to create the first British duffle coat and there after a true quality outerwear brand, combining yet another love of mine..coats!

You can find the details to the products under each outfit.

Mid length duffle coat - Black
Striped crew neck jumper - Black and oatmeal

Solid crew neck jumper - Moss

Guernsey crew neck jumper - Aran
Aran Scarf
Herringbone bomber jacket - Tweed tan

Would love to hear about your favourite British heritage brands!

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Photos by Abbi